Sunday, April 21, 2013

Kitchen Makeover Reveal: Out with the Oak!

Well, what I thought would be a weekend project, took TWO ENTIRE MONTHS but hey, the kitchen is finally done!  I have always wanted a white kitchen and in January my brother, who is a professional painter on the side, decided to accept the challenge.  Now I knew it would take a while because he already has a full time job, so I had to brush up on my skills at being patient.  Whew.

Any-hoo, as much as I appreciate a pretty wood finish, I was just tired of the drab look of builder-grade oak.  Blah. So a makeover was definitely in order.

So, let the renovation begin!  Step one was to remove all the doors and then get a coat of primer applied.

No need for sanding since we used this handy-dandy primer, Bulls Eye 1-2-3 by Zinsser.  Who knew how easy this would be? (I am sure if my brother were reading this, he would growl at my use of the word "we". Ha.)

To create a stunning contrast, we decided to paint my island a glossy black!  Hard to envision it here, but just wait!  Yea!

Needless to say, I didn't get to park my car under the carport for two months.  But it was worth the wait!

Progress was slow, but eventually the drawers made their way back home, one by one.

Soon it was time for the first coat of black on my beautiful island. It was so awesome to see a vision come to fruition, however small.

FINALLY, after two months, my beautiful kitchen is complete!  I love the clean lines and brightness of the space.  Call me crazy, but I tell ya' the place looks bigger!

FYI, the color we chose was "Biscuit" from Sherwin Williams because it matched the current color of my interior doors and trim in my home so well.  Great job, Mikey!  :)

I chose brushed nickel half moon cup pulls for the cabinet hardware on the drawers because it gave the space that modern feel it needed; however, I kept the current brushed nickel knobs that were already on the cabinet doors and they matched beautifully.  If it aint broke, don't fix it, eh?

I'll admit I was nervous, but I can't tell you how happy I am with my new black island!  Perfecto!

I really like the dedicated space for my laptop.  I don't really need a desk; and the laptop is now in a very convenient spot for me to check email as I'm passing through.

The rest of the pics are just fun shots of the nooks and crannies of my kitchen.  Enjoy!

And last, but not least, my funky chalkboard frame that I made from an old thrift store two-dollar frame!  Stay tuned for the DIY blog on that one.  

Well that's it for the kitchen makeover.  Don't miss out on the upcoming dining room makeover and craft nook makeover, plus lots more!  Cheers!


  1. I really love the contrast of your black island. Can't wait to see your next projects!

  2. I love your kitchen redo! I'm a sucker for white cabinets and I like how you gave the island a contrasting color. Everything looked so fresh and together. Love it!

    Found you from the thrifting communite on G+ :)

    Jennifer @ Decorated Chaos


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