Monday, April 8, 2013

More White "Diamonds"! Thrift Store Treasures, Part Two

My obsession for white accessories continues and led me to yet another thrift store over the weekend.  (If you didn't catch the last post about my thrift store finds, check it out!)   I realize I will get to a point where I'll need to stop... but until then, I'm still amazed at how discovering these little treasures are like finding diamonds in the rough -- white diamonds, that is.

My first find was this absolutely precious basket weave porcelain bowl that I managed to snag for $4.  When I filled it will jelly beans leftover from Easter, I laughed out loud because it looked just like a bird's nest filled with sweet little eggs.  Perfectly delightful!

Next was this gorgeous footed white bowl. (I almost feel disrespectful calling it a "bowl".  What's another word for this beauty?  Help me out here, friends.)  So it wasn't as much of a steal at $10, but it was love at first sight so it couldn't be helped.  Again, I was compelled to fill it with remaining malted milk balls leftover from Easter.  (I have no doubt that I'll end up smearing one of the white ones across my lips for that classic frosty "lipstick". Come on'... you know you did that as a child!)

Just as I was getting giddy with my two previous finds, I came across this awesome set of three ceramic canisters with the lids for $7!!!  That made up for the $10 footed bowl.  I love using pretty unexpected containers for supplies, etc. so this was absolutely perfect, especially since I am in the process of making a tiny craft nook in my dining room.  (More on that in another post!)

Now just when I thought my mission was complete, I spotted this beautiful pure white porcelain bust of Jesus for only $4, that I knew I simply HAD to have.  I knew just where I wanted Him -- looking over my family from the mantle in my living room.  Perfect.

I so love thrift stores just because you NEVER know what you'll find next!  They are all diamonds in the rough, just waiting to be discovered and repurposed.  

What are some of your latest finds?  I'd love to hear your trash to treasure stories.


  1. Thanks, Leah! It is so addicting to hit these great shops and find the most amazing and often quirky items. I can't help myself! LOL

  2. Hi there! Those white ceramics are awesome! Makes me want to go hit the thrift stores today! :-)

    (I would never smear candy on my lips! LOL! Thanks for the memory!)

  3. Thanks, Julia! I can't wait to hit the thrift stores again today! (And I'm ALMOST done with those fabulous malted milk ball eggs - of course the Easter Bunny knew those weren't my kids' favorites. How convenient! HA)


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