Thursday, November 14, 2013

My 10 Favorite Crafty Office Ideas!

So anyone who is a crafter knows how incredibly frustrating it is to keep all of your supplies organized, especially if you do not have a dedicated space.  Well to those lucky ones who DO have either a special craft room or home office, here are some fabulous ideas I've found on Pinterest for keeping your workspace organized!  Check 'em out!

The first space is one I've admired for months!  I'd give anything to have this fabulous cabinet space painted and transformed into an amazing cabinet of bins, which can hold a gazillion different items.  Check this out at Lil Luna!

If you're like me, you have ribbon thrown all over the place.  First I tried placing them on spools like you see so often, but I quickly became frustrated by the unruly strands that would spin out of control each time I even breathed on it too hard.  So imagine my bliss when I found this handy idea for a ribbon holder at Spunky Junky!

I love, love, love any kind of pegboard organization like the one found here on the Nest of Posies, even though I've never gotten around to getting one for myself.  One day, "I'll get you my pretty... and your little jars too."  ;)

Now THIS is a fantastic idea for those files that you don't want to store away in the filing cabinet just yet because you're constantly reaching for them, right?  I mean, who knew you could use dish racks in more ways than one???  Genius, I tell ya! 

Ok, I have a craft crush on Lolly Jane and this is why.  I mean, really?  Can you get any stinkin' cuter than this?  Gawwgeous!!!  I love everything about it... the herringbone patterned background, the jars, the crates, the suitcases.  Too cute for words!  Except that I did find some words...  Anyhoo... moving on.

This is really great for the slightly classier home office.  I love the "neat" feel of it and the whites greatly contribute to that.  Great job, um, to the person whose pic I found on Pinterest, but could not find the source so, yeaaahhh... Whoever you are, it's awesome!!!

For the artist (kiddos and professionals alike), this is a great way to keep all those markers and paint pens from piling up in desk drawers.  Again, another fantastic use of pegboard.

So I know I'm obsessing over pegboard, but how cool is this?  Honey Bear Lane has this all figured out!  I especially love this because I hand paint wine glasses at Sunny Belle, so the space for the paints is much appreciated!  I also love the space for wrapping paper and even the buckets to hold smaller items.  

Originally found on the French Knot, this set up is a really cute example of the versatility of a basic bookshelf and a few clipboards.  This proves it doesn't take lots of fancy organization components to streamline all your craft goods!  Just a little imagination!

Last but not least, for those of you (like me) who do not have a dedicated room for your crafts, how about a corner of a room?  I am guessing this takes up about a 1.5' x 4' corner of a room, but look at how much storage it creates!  The chalkboard is pretty awesome too.  And there's something about the rustic feel of baskets that I simply LOVE! Check out the Tip Junkie and you'll find lots more "family planning" ideas on this blog post.  Great job!

Well, I hope you found these craft room and home office ideas just as useful as I did!  Do you have any cool ideas of your own?  Please share them here!  Happy crafting!

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