Friday, February 8, 2013

Chalk One Up for DIY-ers!

So, I've had this addiction to chalk paint lately.  My kids are lucky their walls are not plastered with the stuff.  It's just so versatile! Nearly anything can be instantly transformed into a label, a notepad or a work of art with just a few coats of this glorious indispensable crafter's tool.  And best of all,  it gives a home that extra quirky touch.  Here are some of my favorite uses of chalkboard paint...  

How about these precious flower pots that can be erased and redesignated for other herbs in the making?  Wouldn't these make great teacher gifts?  The possibilities are endless!

Canisters of all shapes and sizes painted with chalkboard paint seem to be the big craze!  So Sunny Belle jumped on the bandwagon with these!  Only $25 for a set of three at

I so WISH I had a place in my home where I could hang a huge group of chalkboard panels as shown below.  This makes the coolest showing and I think it looks funky and hip.  I especially like it paired with the black sideboard.

Here's a cool trick!  Paint your wineglasses with chalkboard paint so that your guests won't lose their glass again.  Pretty sweet, huh?  Check them out at

So even though my home is only 1,459 square feet (suck in when you pass people in the hall), I have decided I need to do this "menu motif" somewhere in my home.  Ooh I should do this to one of my kitchen cabinets; especially since I'm in the middle of repainting the cabinets now.  So why not, right?  Find more ideas like these at

Last, but not least, is my absolutely favorite idea - chalkboard frames!  Whaaaat????  I can't count on my fingers and toes how many different ways you can design chalkboard frames.  Check out more of these original ideas on

Do you have some original and quirky uses of your own for chalkboard paint?  Please do share them here!  Happy painting!


  1. Crystal,

    These are too cute! I have the perfect plant window for the little potted herbs. You have insprired me to do some painting this weekend!

    Thanks for the ideas!

    Jennie :)

  2. Aren't they the cutest? I just had to share these when I saw them. Paint can change ANYTHING! Have a great weekend and thanks for your comment!


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