Thursday, March 7, 2013

Springtime Resolutions You'll Actually WANT to Keep!

So last year I made an attempt to offer you a list of resolutions that were fun and easier to keep than things like "lose 50 pounds" or "never get angry in traffic again."  But by resolution #3, I seemed to fall right off the map, didn't I?  Well I vote that we pick up right where we left off and apply these same resolutions to the remainder of 2013.  So let's revisit last year's list and make it happen THIS year!

Here we are, just a few weeks shy of springtime, and if any of you share my tendency to avoid anything remotely confrontational or uncomfortable, then I have a sneaky feeling that I’m not the only cowboy that’s fallen off the New Year’s Resolution wagon.  Am I right?  Or maybe you are one of those rebels that say, “You know what?  It stresses me out so much to try to accomplish something major or make any substantive changes in my life that I’m going to avoid the idea of making resolutions altogether!  What’s the point when I blow it by February???” 

My friend, I feel you.  And I’m here to tell you that it’s not too late to make some changes and a change doesn’t have to feel like a grave penance (which we, Catholics, strive so diligently to do during Lent – but that’s another blog).   It seems our resolutions always involve some sort of “corrective action” if you will, for something that is lacking in our life or to correct something society tells us we shouldn’t have been doing (i.e. overeating, swearing too much, drinking too much, watching too much television, drinking too much, not exercising enough, not volunteering enough, drinking too much).

Well, instead of making a list of things we feel OBLIGATED to do that feel like punishments, what about just setting some goals that will enrich your life, make you feel like you’re accomplishing something, and will be fairly easy to achieve?  Let’s face it – if it’s a miserable task, we’re not going to want to achieve it.  If it in involves fun and makes you feel good about yourself, then you want to tackle it!

With this concept in mind, I’ve established a list of 10 suggested goals that you can strive to achieve over the next year (or whenever – no rules here).  There’s no need to slit your wrists or put a bag over your head if you don’t achieve them.  And I’m not sure who came up with the rule that if you miss your goals by mid-February, then you’ve blown your opportunity to make it a great year.  That’s baloney!

Below is a list of 10 goals I will review over the next several weeks:

1. Read more.  Why not start with the Bible?  It’s a best-seller! How about organizing a book club?  It's on my top ten list.  (This was actually addressed in my August blog post! Check it out!)

2. Keep up with technology. Discover cool apps and websites that will make your life easier.  (Been there, done that... Check out the blog post here.)

 3. Make a wish board.  Grab a poster board, some magazines and some scissors, because this will be FUN!
4. Simplify Your Life.  Yeah, this may take more than one blog post. HA. 

5. Repurpose, Redefine, Redesign.
Great tips for cleaning out, reorganizing and recycling.  Disclaimer:  Sunny Belle will not be responsible for recycling of husbands, wives, significant others or in-laws.  The intended goal is to reduce clutter and use things more efficiently.  Intended goal is not applicable to anything with a pulse.

6. Pinch pennies. We’ll discuss the logistics of setting up a lemonade stand for supplemental income.  Just kidding. We will however, find reasonable ways to make it easier to keep some cash in our wallets!


7. Eat healthier and take care of yourself.  (Eww, sounds dangerously close to a real New Years’ Resolution, doesn’t it? Don’t worry.  We’ll make it fun.)

 8. Take more pictures.  We’ll learn photography tips, including how to store pictures and organize digital files and maybe even some scrapbooking tips!

 9. Document your thoughts.  There are so many cool ways to express yourself and record memories at the same time.  I’ll show you how.


10. Start and support small businesses. This is a trend that is growing by leaps and bounds!  We’ll check out the best resources for “keeping it local”.

Well, there you have it.  Over the next several weeks, I’ll cover one fun goal at a time and give you lots of useful information that just might make you look forward to making some simple changes in your life.

So get ready to climb aboard and enjoy the ride!  Cheers to 2013!



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