Tuesday, July 5, 2016

The Battlefield I Love

I love waking up to sleeping teens all over the house.  Even if my house does look like a war zone. Makes me happy to know they're safe, they had a good time yesterday and they enjoy being HERE.  

I mean, I know I probably roll my eyes every time one of my kids asks, "Can (fill in the blank) sleep over tonight?"  Because if I'm being honest, the first thing I think is "Okay, what's in the fridge? Since now I'm feeding (fill in the blank) people."  Or "Where am I going to have to take them to eat?"  Because anyone who knows me knows that while I love eating healthy, I suck at cooking.  It's just not a passion of mine, so I view it as a serious challenge.

But I digress.  The most important thing is that even though I may balk a bit at the request, I secretly love that my kids are happy enough with their home life that they want their friends to come HERE.  That's a good feeling, y'all!  

So I tolerate the louder music, which, even though I asked them to turn it down because Momma has to work in the morning, is still a tad too loud.  And I tolerate the chatter and loud bursts of laughter in the living room that I can still hear even with a pillow strategically placed over one side of my head.

The truth is, I know there will come a time when I will no longer wake up to kids hanging awkwardly off of sofas and chairs, to empty pizza boxes all over the kitchen and to water bottles and blankets all over the living room floor. 

And, while I fuss as I pick it up, I know I'm going to desperately miss this one day. So for now, I just tip toe through the battlefield to my coffee pot and smile big. ‪#‎lovethesekids‬ ‪#‎theteenageyears‬

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