Monday, October 24, 2011


What a beautiful Saturday it was for tailgating!  With a high temp of about 85 degrees in South Louisiana and just enough clouds to keep you from being cooked to “well done” in the upper east side of Tiger Stadium at 3pm in the afternoon, I’d say it was a perfect day for football.  Especially since we managed to keep our “#1” ranking after beating Auburn 45-10.  GEAUX TIGERS!!!  (LSU Tigers, that is… J)
We started our day at 10:30 am, the way any proud southerner preparing for a day game would, with some robust Bloody Marys compliments of Zin Zang.  (Good stuff, I tell ya!) It didn’t hurt that Brian had pickled okra in tow as well!  Three cheers for mixed-drink-savvy fiancés!  J 
Thankfully, I wore comfortable shoes since we walked what seemed to be approximately 8.5 miles (no, really) from the River Road parking lot all the way to Touchdown Village, just past Campus Federal.  Holy cow. There’s no question that next time, I am going to either bring my kid’s scooter or trade the Bloody Marys for a ride.  Another friend of mine called to see if we were coming to meet them before the game and I advised them that the only way I’d make it to the Agriculture building was in the back of an ambulance.  I am SO out of shape.
Anyway, I digress.  Where were we?  Oh yes, beautiful day, perfect weather, yada yada yada.  We really did have such a great time with my friend Jennifer and her husband, Kevin.  We are never short on laughter when we are all together.  We also met two wonderful friends of theirs who we are very anxious to visit with again as we thoroughly enjoyed their company.  Heck, as soon as Brian realized that the “new buddy” shared his belief in never re-electing anyone, I didn’t see him again for another hour and a half.
In the end, nothing beats good times with good friends, new and old!  As for our #1 LSU Tigers… Bring it on, Alabama!  We are 8-0 and READY for YOU!  Look out, Tuscaloosa, ‘cause here we come!

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